Surprising Facts About the President’s Air Force One Plane

Air Force One is a massive plane with massive secrets. On the outside, it looks like a jumbo-sized commercial plane while on the inside, it looks so fancy that can rival posh hotels. But beyond these things is a flying fortress equipped with gears that we only get the chance to see in spy movies.

Most of the information on Air Force One are classified and will probably remain that way for a long time. Luckily a few presidents have leaked bits and pieces about what has become a symbol of America’s economic and political power. Some of which are pretty much unbelievable.

Let’s have a look at the private jet for the president of the United States.

Air Force One Can Stay In The Air Forever

One of the coolest facts about Air Force One is, it can refuel in the sky. Do you remember that amazing midair-refuel scene in Harrison Ford’s Air Force One? Well, it is actually true. In emergency situations, the aircraft can use a refueling plane which hovers overhead with a probe on its nose.

If it wanted to, it never has to touch the ground to make a round trip across the world. It can keep the president in the sky as long as it has to. Air Force One also has a 53,000-gallon fuel tank. This means it can go straight from Washington D.C. to Tokyo Japan. That’s almost 7,000 nautical miles.

Air Force One Has Two Restaurants On Board

It can rival luxurious hotels when it comes to food service. Air Force One has not one but two restaurants aboard– well, they’re actually two massive kitchens.

These kitchens can hold up to 100 people each. That’s big! It has top-rated chefs and the president and his guests can order anything they are craving.