12 Human Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

When your furry friend shows their puppy dog eyes as you sit down to the dinner table, it can be hard to resist. However, if your dog regularly begs for food, beware. While it’s very common for humans to give dogs their dinner scraps, it’s important to be mindful about the foods you share, as certain human foods can actually be toxic for your dog health. Be sure to avoid feeding your pup these dangerous foods.


“The food that is most toxic to dogs is onions,” says [Cullen M. Dauchy][2], DVM, veterinarian and former owner of the Katy Veterinary in Katy, Texas. “Most dogs would not eat raw onions, but when cooked with meat (in fajitas, hamburgers, steak, or liver), they’ll eat it like candy!”

According to research published back in August 2001 in [Veterinary Technician][3], onion toxicity occurs in dogs when they eat more than .5% of their own body weight. This means that it can take a fairly large amount of onions to be truly dangerous to dogs. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and avoid feeding your dog onions altogether.

A scallion is essentially a young onion, so be sure to avoid them, as well. Both the green part of the scallion and the small white bulb are dangerous for your dog.